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New Zuider Zee
Release coming

in 2016


Big Orange Sun by Richard Orange.

"Beatlesque" to his core at times,this "Brit"transplanted singer/songwriter, creates an "epic"album of ecclecticism, which includes the "international hit " he wrote for Cyndi Lauper, "Hole In My Heart"(All THe Way To China)...reminiscent of Zuider Zee."

Genre: Rock: Modern Rock

Release Date: 2005

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"Big Orange Sun is a big, round and juicy kind of record that's good for you, and good to you, too." -

ABOUT.COM SAID: "Critically acclaimed; the leader manages to sound like both John AND Paul!"

"Some of you may remember Zuider Zee and their classic self titled 1975 album released on CBS? If not, I suggest picking up copy post haste! Heavily influenced by Paul McCartney & Wings and Badfinger, Zuider Zee were not from England, nor were they Dutch, but formed out of the Deep South, Louisiana to be more specific." - GLORYDAZE (2005)

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