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Hole in My Heart was written whilst in the bathtub, essentially, thinking of childhood imagery of how, if one began digging a hole in the U.S., hypothetically, one would come out on the other side in China. This is depicted in the Video for "Hole In My Heart" via a "Chinese manhole."

While in England I also penned "Other Peoples Houses", also published by Dick James Music Ltd. (Lennon/Mcartney's original publishing company).

A version of "Other Peoples Houses" was recorded by Deborah Blando, a Portuguese singer from Brazil. The song is sung in English. Deborah was reportedly discovered by Cyndi Lauper and her then manager/boyfriend Dave Wolff while they were on a small tour of Brazil. "Houses" is produced by renowned producer E.T. Thorngren and appears on Deborah's debut Epic/CBS album "A Different Story". Dave Wolff, is listed as executive producer.


After returning to the states, I worked on another project with songwriter Parker Magee("Really Love To See You Tonight", "Nights Are Forever"), and I also sang on an audio book project of "The Time Machine" narrated by British actor Michael York. Another "cover" was done by Memphis artist Jimmy Davis, entitled "Over The Top" originally written for the Sly Stallone film of the same name, and slated to be recorded by ZZ top. Jimmy Davis got the song instead, when he was signed by the now infamous QMI Record label, begun by the originators of MTV.

The song was a minor hit in Germany and still receives fairly regular airplay there and in surrounding areas. I would return to England in the early 90's in support of a single release there on A.I.R./EMI records "One Wrong Move", at which time I toured and did personal appearances on a limited basis in the U.K.

I would state my favorite influences to be those of what I consider to be the great pop songwriters, Lennon/McCartney, David Bowie, XTC, Sting, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Adrian Belew, Todd Rundgren, Claude' Debussey, and many more of the early and mid-80's British artist.

"I was very humbled to be amongst such brilliant songwriters."

1975: Zuider Zee released on CBS
1978: Wrote & released 'Fold out girl' on Mercury Records
1979: DJM released "Supernatural" bw/"Long Distance Love." In Europe
19??: Zuider Zee reform as Richard Orange and Zee, later as Zee
1984: I moved to England (Wallingford, Oxfordshire) and conceived All the Way to China.
2005 Big Orange Sun released

Richard's last album "Big Orange Sun" recorded at SUN STUDIOS, in Memphis

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